“Maggi is the real deal. She’s a very skillful emotional navigator, and has a way of zeroing in on the truth that’s grounding and refreshing. I so appreciate her humor, her warmth, and her laser-like capacity to cut through the story and call forth a sense of emotional integrity that keeps me focused and honest with myself.”

Collin Brown, CPCC
Port Townsend, Washington

“Maggi is an excellent coach. She is compassionate and without judgment. Her life experience uniquely qualifies her as an expert in helping people overcome all kinds of life challenges without guilt or unnecessary suffering. She gently guides her clients to become their best by being more themselves and learning how to cope with stress and life in healthy ways. She helps them to improve their self-esteem, their relationships, and their whole life by being someone who helps her clients raise their standards and see what’s possible for them. She is well respected by her peers and has been elected to a leadership role at the International Coach Federation, Los Angeles. I am honored to have such an exemplary colleague in Maggi and highly recommend her as a coach.”

Carrie Kish
President, International Coach Federation, Los Angeles

“Working with Maggi has changed the course of my life. She has been my biggest fan and supporter. She believed in me when I wasn’t sure I did anymore. She helped me find my deepest desires again and believe they were possible. I can still remember our first session like it was yesterday. That day I clearly saw what I wanted my life to look like and a year later I am living that reality. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have her on my side. Not many people have the gift she has; through her work she will change the world one person at a time.”

Kate M.
Los Angeles, CA

“Maggi is a highly intuitive coach. Her insight and ability to shine a light on what lies beneath the surface has enabled me to gain clarity on all areas of my life. She approaches our work with warmth, humor, and creativity. Working with Maggi has been instrumental in helping me become my best version of myself.”

Zoë Kors
Brand Director, Zislis Group

“After having experienced a series of traumatic life events, Maggi deftly coached me with compassion, great insight, empathy, and wisdom. In particular, knowing my stress levels were very high and my sense of self very low, she led me with relaxation, coaching, and visualization techniques. She not only helped me to relax, but also led me to a vision of myself that gave me hope and confidence that I was a strong and fully realized human being. Maggi is one of the most articulate and intuitive counselors I have ever known. These qualities, along with her vast training, make her an exceptional coach. I highly recommend Maggi Scharf to lead and guide you toward your goals and aspirations.”

Lynn Sennett, M.A.
Leesburg, Florida

“Maggi Scharf, my life coach, has given me a new lease on life. Taking care of my dad for two-and-a-half years has been a challenging experience. Maggi has assisted me in opening up to new ways of seeing different situations and perceptions so I can better handle these trying times. She’s helped put my life in order to see, feel, and cope with all of these life experiences. The tools and skills she uses to help me become my authentic self amaze me. She does this not only with direction, but also with fun. Being coached by her is truly a fulfilling and delightful experience. I highly recommend Maggi Scharf as a life coach.”

Lynn Francis
Applegate, Oregon

“Maggi’s co-active skills, love of the profession, and deep connection with her clients are strong and impactful. She holds a high bar for coaching and demonstrates an outstanding ability to hold rigor, heart, and relationship with her clients.”

Leslie Lupinsky
Master Coach, Author & Speaker
International Inspired On Demand

“I had “talk therapy” for many years and found I was getting less and less out of it. Since I began life coaching with Maggi, I’ve seen real changes in my life. I feel completely connected to her during my sessions. She listens carefully and intently, and always drives the session to the most beneficial place. I seem to have at least one awakening or realization about myself in every single session I have with her. I find my time with her to be extremely valuable—it’s a gift I give to myself. I feel like Maggi truly cares for me. She believes in me, she is interested in me, and she wants the best for me. Her palpable care and encouragement is a powerful reflection of how I deserve to be my own biggest fan.”

Dana Belben
Los Angeles, California