“Working with Maggi has changed the course of my life. She has been my biggest  fan and supporter. She believed in me when I wasn’t sure I did anymore. She helped me find my deepest desires again and believe they were possible.”

Kate M.
Los Angeles, CA

Make the life you want …

the life you live

Sooner or later you realize it’s your life.

You’re the one who decides what’s good enough and what matters.

You decide when it’s time to quit saying everything is fine, and acknowledge maybe it isn’t.

You know how you’d like your life to be, what you want to achieve, how you hope your relationships will turn out.

With a coach, it can happen.

I’ll show you how to vary your thinking, discover new paths and new perspectives, and uncover strengths you can use to improve your work or relationships. And I’ll be in your corner, offering encouragement and guidance, so you don’t get discouraged and you don’t give up.

Because you’ve already managed to reach to where you are now.

I’ll help you reach what’s next.